Bucket Category

There are many different types of excavator buckets available, each designed to meet a specific application requirement. Making the right choice will ensure high productivity and performance for the lifetime of the product. Our team of attachment experts can assist you in selecting the right bucket for your excavator with over 20 years of experience.

Trenching bucket

Mesh screen bucket

Face shovel bucket

Tilt the bucket

Thumb armour bucket

Rock bucket

* Technical Support

Rich experience in amphibious excavator modification, established model database of various brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Hyundai, Sany, etc., which can quickly match customer needs;

* Reliable Quality

With perfect and mature production process and technology, intelligent and advanced production equipment and years of market tests, the products perform well in the market and have stable quality;

* Diversity Product Type

Complete models, meet most brands of excavators on the market


Mining Equipment

Earthmoving Equipment

Road Equipment

Industrial Power

Earthmoving buckets/Standard Bucket

Earth-moving buckets are the most common parts of a swamp buggy. Generally, earth-moving buckets are installed on backhoes. It is suitable for general clay excavation and sand, soil, gravel loading and other light work occasions. The reinforced earth-moving bucket can excavate hard soil, mixed with softer soil, softer stone, gravel, gravel and other heavy-duty operations.

Trapezoid Bucket

The trapezoid bucket of amphibious excavator has many sizes, widths and shapes, such as triangles or trapezoids. It is suitable for water conservancy, highway, agriculture and pipeline ditching operations. The characteristic is that it can be formed at one time and the work efficiency is very high.

Grid Bucket

The grid bucket is a kind of excavating device that the amphibious excavator directly contacts with the soil. It belongs to a kind of bucket. The shape and structure are also very close to the bucket. The only difference is that the bottom plate is made of many round bars and slats. The shape is like a grid, so the name implies it is called a grid bucket.

Generally used to clean up sludge or garbage in river channels and ponds when operating a swamp buggy. The water flows away from the grid, and the dirt stays in the grid bucket so that the water and the dirt can be separated easily.


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