Hubei River Machinery Company

Hubei River Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of Chinese earliest companies that devoted to design and produce of river dredging equipment. With many years business experience ahead the amphibious excavator industry. We have our own R & D, production, sales and engineering teams.

We have many years of construction experience in river dredging, environmental development, pipeline construction, our goal is to continuously earn complete customer satisfaction by supplying top quality, defect-free product on time, and to be the leading solution provider of amphibious excavator and dredging equipment with continuous improvement and well maintenance backup services.

Our trusted customer covers more than 50 cities all over China, as well as overseas clients in Poland, Russia, Africa, Indonesia and other countries.

River Machinery Team

Our service

We provide a one-year or 2000 working hours warranty service, and consumable spare parts are delivered with shipments free of charge.

We provide 24 hours * 7 days of after-sales consultation, as well as professional installation and maintenance video tutorials, and free online guidance.

Of course, in case of need, we can provide paid on site guidance, repair and installation services.


Main Products

Our main business includes the sales of amphibious excavators, the manufacture of amphibious pontoon undercarriage, the modification of amphibious excavators, the manufacture of cutter suction pumps, long reach boom of amphibious excavators, etc.

River History


The first water conservancy engineering company was established, which was mainly engaged in river channel dredging and other projects. The first project is the Caofeidian Land Reclamation Project, jointly led by the Yangtze River Waterway Bureau and Shanghai Waterway Bureau. We got great success and construction experience.


A special R & D team of amphibious excavators founded, and the first amphibious excavator modified by River Machinery was produced the next year. Positive feedback received once it launched to the market, market scale expanded rapidly.


Set up a factory in Tianjin to expand production scale of amphibious pontoon excavator . The R & D team was expanded into R & D department, and a production department was formed separately. Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and Africa and other countries and regions.


In order to better meet the demands of the river dredging projects and lower-down construction costs, River Machinery officially invested in the research and development of the cutter suction pump used in the amphibious excavator. The operation cost of the cutter suction pump is reduced by half, and it also fills the defects of the dredging ship working in the river channel.


Obtained more than 10 patented technologies, the project involved amphibious excavator pontoon undercarriage, cutter suction pumps and other products. Become one of the few domestic companies with patented technology.


Follow the requirement of the national environmental protection policy, River Machinery reduced the production scale of the Tianjin plant, and signed an investment project with Hubei Honghu Municipal Government to build an industrial plant covering more than 50,000 square meters in Hubei Province.


The factory of Hubei River Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was formally launched, and the first pontoon undercarriage produced in April.

Our goal is providing quality, high-effect products on time to win customers’full satisfaction and trust, making River Machinery a leading provider of solutions for the amphibious excavator and dredging industry.