Dredge Pump & Cutter Suction Pump

In dredging operations, the hydraulic cutter suction pump, branded as River, serves as an essential auxiliary device alongside amphibious excavators. This innovative dredge pump is specifically designed for environments where water, silt, and mortar prevail, conditions that typically hinder excavation efforts and complicate vehicle transportation. By integrating the River excavator dredge pump into your operations, you can significantly enhance work efficiency, overcoming the challenges posed by less conducive dredging environments. The River dredge pump transforms complex tasks into streamlined processes, ensuring your projects proceed smoothly and effectively.

A hydraulic cutter pump is a kind of dredging equipment that is mounted to an excavator as an auxiliary device , which is made of high-chromium alloy material specially used for slag, and the motor is a military quantitative plunger motor. Applications of the above-mentioned equipment are numerous as not limited:

· Ports, river channels, lakes dredging and maintenance

· Sand, mud dredging, sea reclaim project

· Absorbing high concentration tailings, waste residue and iron slag

· Slag removal of Iron ore, tailings pond, concentrator and other mine

· Sand pumping, gold mining etc

· River dredging, lake development, wetland park construction etc

Technical Data

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Dredging is one of the most vital processes taken into use to remove the deposits percolated underwater to clear the water pathway for ships to pass and create adequate space to construct important bridges, dams, and dykes and weed out the slit, intoxicants, and pollutants from the bottom of the water. For this process, you need to choose the right models of dredge pumps and advanced models of dredge machines that you can get right to your address and insecure way.

We have the latest models of dredging pump and cutter suction pumps that are used as auxiliary devices of the amphibious excavator to perform dredging operations, where there is more water, silt, and mortar that are less conducive to excavation and inconvenient for vehicle transportation that greatly improves the work efficiency.

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