Long Reach Boom & Long Reach Arm

River machinery specialized in design, produce standard and custom made long reach arms for various brands of excavators.

We focus on product quality, from stress analysis, material selection, technology process, design and manufacturing, the product’s structural strength, performance and quality are guaranteed. For arm base better protection, an internal buffer plate and reinforced installed to withstand the tensile load, and increase the service lifetime of the excavator long reach front/arm.

Also we can design a variety of two-stage extanded excavator long arms according to customer demands, which are mainly suitable for earthwork and deeper excavation operations; used in river dredging, port construction, subway construction, and building foundation excavation, with a wide range of operations and high efficiency and security.

In most of cases, long reach arm/boom is likely to be used with amphibious excavator, which requires farther digging distance due to the height of amphibious undercarriage is higher than traditional land excavator.

long reach boom

Product Advantage

Industry-standard welding technolog
Good welding technology ensures the strength of the long reach arm to meet the set standards and increase the service life-time.

Automatic processing equipment
The cutting is fully automatic, as well as the bushing and key processing is fully automatic, which ensures that each pin on the arm is parallel, wear-resistant and noise-free.

Professional designing team
Product upgrades are carried out to greatly reduce the risk of cracking and breaking of the upper arm, based on the original product.

Advanced computer-aided design tools
The utility of two-dimensional drawing and three-dimensional design provides accurate data analysis for secondary development and private customized products, effectively shortening the production lead time

Our Advantage (Durability and Reliability)

Technical Date

applicable excavator (ton) overall length(mm) boom (mm) arm (mm) bucket volume(m3) counterweight (kg) remarks
6~8 10000 5500 4500 0.25 NO
10~16 13000 7100 5900 0.3 NO
20~22 15380 8220 7160 0.5 NO you only need to add the counterweight in case bigger volume bucket needed.
0.6 1 ton
23~25 15380 8220 7160 0.55 NO
0.7 1 ton
20~25 18000 10000 8000 0.35~0.4 NO
0.6 1.5 ton
26~34 18000 10000 8000 0.45~0.8 NO
35~45 18000 10000 8000 0.8~1.2 NO
25~34 20000 11000 9000 0.35~0.6 2.5 ton
35~45 20000 11000 9000 0.6~0.9 2 ton
35~40 22000 12000 10000 0.4~0.8 3 ton
41~45 22000 12000 10000
45~50 24000 13000 11000
45~55 26000 14000 12000
For more special size long reach boom,please feel free to contact us!