Long Reach Boom & Long Reach Arm

River heavy industry specializes in the design, production and custom-made long-reach arms for various brands of excavators.

Our company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of long-reach arms in China, providing high-quality and durable extended arms to customers around the world. There are a variety of excavator extension arms available, ranging from 1.8 tons to 100 tons, with lengths from 8 meters to 30 meters. Depending on the customer’s requirements and application, excavator extension arms can also be customized.

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Application of Extended Arm

An extended arm is commonly used in construction activities such as river dredging, port work, subway work, foundation excavation, and others. With high efficiency and safety, it performs a wide range of operations. It is possible to improve productivity with a long reach boom produced by the river if the standard arm cannot be able to reach farther and longer digging distances.

Clean Up Waterways and Fish Ponds


Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering


Construction and Subway Excavation

The Advantages of River’s long reach boom


1.Excellent Manufacturing and Processing Capabilities

As a manufacturer, we have a complete set of advanced processing and manufacturing equipment such as laser cutters, plasma cutters, welding robots, automatic coating lines, etc., capable of ensuring the fineness of products and a high level of production efficiency.

2. High-Quality Raw Materials

All steel materials are from China’s top steel manufacturers of reputable companies, and the extension arm is made of low-alloy high-strength plates with good a tensile strength. Choosing the right materials for the boom and arm, as the most critical components on an excavator, directly affects the work efficiency.

It is also important to note that all hydraulic hoses are phosphated, which has excellent anticorrosion and antirust properties, and which can effectively protect the hydraulic system against contamination. Instead of the steel sleeve commonly used in the market, the copper sleeve is used on the connector.

3.Advanced Computer-aided Design Tools

With the use of CAD, 3D, and FEA structural design tools, our professional design team can provide accurate data analysis for secondary development and private customized products. In addition, they can upgrade products based on originality, thereby reducing production times. The risk of cracking and breaking of the long arms have also been taken care of.

4.Strict Production Process to Ensure Stable Quality

Every aspect of the production process is strictly controlled to ensure the highest quality products are delivered to our customers.

Plasma Cutting

Robot Arm Weiding




Spray Painting

Each Long-reach Package Comes Standard with The Following Items


Long reach front is an excellent solution for river and sea dredging on land or barge, pond excavation and maintenance, deep foundation excavation, drainage construction, distant digging, etc., especially beneficial for slope forming where standard boom failed to get the necessary job done effectively. There is no customized component/part used in our attachment; we design it with commonly available off-the-shelf components that customers can easily obtain from their local excavator spare parts market. Each long-reach package comes standard with the following items:


  • 1x long boom
  • 1x long stick/arm

  • 1x bucket

  • 1x arm cylinder

  • 1x bucket cylinder

  • 1x boom pin

  • 2x arm pin

  • 2x bucket pin

  • 1 set of Linkage

  • 2x pin for Linkage

  • 1 set of hydraulic pressure hoses
  • Full set of hydraulic piping/tubing

Technical Date

Models Extension boom(A) Extension arm(B) Transport height(C) Max. excavation radius(D) Max. unloading height(E) Max. excavation height(F) Max. excavation depth(G) Bucket capacity Working weight Increase in weight
12T 7100mm 5900mm 2900mm 11200mm 7350mm 9350mm 9000mm 0.3m³ 12T 3000kg
20T 8220mm 7160mm 2980mm 14500mm 10390mm 12510mm 11340mm 0.4m³ 12T 4000kg
25T 8220mm 7160mm 3050mm 14500mm 10490mm 12610mm 11370mm 0.4m³ 12T 4200kg
30T 10000mm 8000mm 3210mm 17300mm 11720mm 13920mm 13010mm 0.4m³ 12T 5200kg
35T 11000mm 9000mm 3210mm 19200mm 12920mm 15120mm 15000mm 0.5m³ 12T 6000kg
40T 12000mm 10000mm 3400mm 21100mm 14240mm 16900mm 16500mm 0.6m³ 20T 6500kg
45T 13000mm 11000mm 3400mm 22900mm 15230mm 17800mm 18000mm 0.6m³ 20T 7000kg


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