Long Reach Excavator Attachments – Long Reach Boom

River Heavy Industry (RHI) specializes in the design, production, and customization of long-reach arms, particularly adapted for various brands of hydraulic excavators, including those requiring long arm excavators. Our long reach boom ensures optimal performance and efficiency for specialized excavation needs

Jiangsu River Heavy Industry(RHI) is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of long-reach booms in China. We deliver premium-grade extended arms/sticks renowned for their durability and quality across global markets. Our comprehensive range includes excavators with extended boom spanning from 7 tons to 100 tons for crawler excavators, offering extended arm lengths ranging from 7 meters to 30 meters. We prioritize customization to align with our discerning clientele’s unique specifications and applications, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction.

Application of a long Reach boom in an excavator

The extended arm is a staple in diverse construction applications, including river dredging, port operations, subway construction, and foundation excavation. Renowned for its exceptional efficiency and safety, it excels in a myriad of operations. When the standard arm falls short of reaching extended and deeper digging distances, the River-produced long reach boom emerges as a pivotal solution, enhancing productivity to meet the demands of challenging projects.

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Clean Up Waterways and Fish Ponds

Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering

Construction and Subway Excavation

The Advantages of River’s long reach boom

  • Cutting-Edge Manufacturing and Processing Capabilities: As a distinguished Long Reach Boom manufacturer, we boast a comprehensive suite of advanced processing and manufacturing equipment, including laser cutters, plasma cutters, welding robots, and automatic coating lines. This arsenal ensures the precision of our products, guaranteeing both excellence and high production efficiency.
  • Premium-Quality Raw Steel Materials: Our commitment to excellence extends to sourcing raw materials exclusively from China’s top steel manufacturers. The extension arm, crafted from low-alloy high-strength plates with commendable tensile strength, is pivotal for optimizing the efficiency of excavators. Notably, our hydraulic hoses undergo phosphating for superior anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties, safeguarding the hydraulic system from contaminants. The use of copper sleeves on connectors, in place of the commonly used steel sleeve, further underscores our dedication to quality.
  • Advanced Computer-aided Design Tools: Employing state-of-the-art CAD, 3D, and FEA structural design tools, our adept design team provides accurate data analysis for secondary development and personalized customizations. This technological prowess not only facilitates product upgrades but also minimizes production timelines. Addressing concerns of potential cracking and breaking, our innovative designs prioritize the longevity and reliability of our long arms.
  • Stringent Production Processes for Unwavering Quality: At every juncture of the production process, meticulous controls are implemented to guarantee the delivery of products of the highest quality. Our unwavering commitment to strict quality control ensures that our customers receive consistently reliable and top-tier products.

Plasma Cutting

Robot Arm Weiding




Spray Painting

Each Long-reach Package Comes Standard with The Following Items

Long reach front is an excellent solution for river and sea dredging on land or barge, pond excavation and maintenance, deep foundation excavation, drainage construction, distant digging, etc., especially beneficial for slope forming where standard boom failed to get the necessary job done effectively. There is no customized component/part used in our attachment; we design it with commonly available off-the-shelf components that customers can easily obtain from their local excavator spare parts market. Each long-reach package comes standard with the following items:

  • 1x long boom
  • 1x long stick/arm

  • 1x bucket

  • 1x arm cylinder

  • 1x bucket cylinder

  • 1x boom pin

  • 2x arm pin

  • 2x bucket pin