Amphibious Excavator & Swamp Buggy

Amphibious excavator is a multi-purpose excavator suitable for land, shallow water and deep water operations.

We have good reputation and feedback from our trusted customers through our qualified processing and engineering, which has been proved in various practical construction environments .

Amphibious excavator has proven to work effectively on the following areas and suitable for various industries:

  • Swamp and wetland operation projects;

  • River edging and sludge operations;

  • Environmental protection and maintenance;

  • Charity relief services,flood control and maintenance;

  • Applicable for rental services;

Regular Model

You can choose any widely known excavator brand to mount.

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MINI amphibious excavator
Mini Amphibious Excavator
7-10 tons excavator
medium amphibious excavator
Medium Amphibious Excavator
10-15 tons excavator
large amphibious excavator
Large Amphibious Excavator
16-24 tons excavator
Why choose us?

1. 15 years of project construction experience

2. Customized installation service help you work more efficiently.

3. ISO9001&CE certification, quality guaranteed.

4. Lightweight structural design, cost-effective but more stable.

5. Can fit a wide range of excavator brands and models.

6. Special design of the crawler chain and track shoe, more slip resistant and durable.


Products showing

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