Application of Construction Projects

According to our sales data in the past few years, 20ton class amphibious excavators have been the best seller. They are widely used for dredging, landscaping, and deepening of river deltas, etc. RIVER’s customized model of RS215-A pontoon undercarriage can perfectly match 18-22ton excavators. Its standard design allows its independant maximum working depth of within 1.8 meters. Professional in fine machining, River also manufactures and provides alternative long reach booms ranging from 9 meters to 13 meters long.

On many occassions, this model of excavators are appointed for more complicated construction tasks, especially in 2-4m deep water area. Over the years we have been providing our customers with 2-piece hydraulic spuds solution to fix and stablize the excavating platform to ensure both working efficieny and safety. However, slight shaking during digging movement is still unavoidable, while this is the common difficult problem many competitors from both home and abroad are facing. In 2021, in response to demands of our customers, RIVER’s new generation of 4-hydraulic pile spuds solution finally came out–the 4 pieces of pile spuds are driven by 4 independant hydraulic motors. The operator only needs to press the putton in the cabin to automatically switch on the spud’s streching out and standing up which are both realized by oil cylinders. Thus the excavator undercarriage’s operating stability is further improved and the overall safety condition is better secured. RIVER has already applied for a patent for this typical design.

Description Code Measurement
single pontoon size A 8000mm
single pontoon width B 1500mm
single pontoon height C 1800mm
overall width D 4500mm
counter weight ground clearance E 1930mm
pontoon landed length G 3400mm
overall weight 15.1T

Features of RIVER Amphibious Excavator



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