Amphibious Undercarriage & pontoon

Our marsh buggy excavator can adapt to various brands and models of upper excavators, ranging from 7 tons to 40 tons.

You can also customize your own solutions according to your requirement.

Advantages of our Marsh buggy excavator:

  • Patent technologies and ISO quality certificate;

  • Customization chassis, meet the needs of various working conditions;

  • Increased height of the track shoe, reinforced chain plate and anti-corrosion;

  • Designed support bar inside the chain plate, more load capacity durability;

  • Modular design facilitates transportation and installation;


construction optimized experience, more suitable for actual engineering use.

Pontoon Features

Amphibious undercarriage 02

Silt, Swamp operations ( water depth, below 1.8m)

1. Size of the main pontoon is reduced by 30%, the flexibility walking operation is doubled, saving 10% operation time.

2. Upgrade material strength, overall weight of the floating box is reduced by 10%, faster walking speed, and the fuel consumption is lower;

3. The experience of walking operation is improved, progress of projects is accelerated by 5%.


Deep water operations (2-5m)

1.smaller size main pontoon + larger size side pontoon design, overall width increased by 45%, ensure deep water operation does not roll over;

2.and It is safer to form a square platform, the minimum operating radius increased by 20%, and the standard arm can also work smoothly

Amphibious undercarriage 03

Production Process

  • Heavy duty processing equipment, better processing skills.
  • High-strength steel raw materials that are 2 times higher than counterparts, the durability increased by 50%.
  • High-precision equipment, excellence, Quality Assurance.
  • More than ten years of welding experience, meticulous and precise.
  • The sandblasting process removes rust strongly, enhances paint adhesion, and rusty prevention ability by 50%.
  • Special paint for marine ships, two-layer primer, two-layer paint, high value retention rate.
  • special unify technology usded for the crawler chain and track shoe, provid more stable operation performance, and greatly reduce post-maintenance.
cutting and bending

Cutting And Bending

Plasma cutting

Plasma Cutting





spray painting

Spray Painting



Technical Data

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