how does pontoon excavator work

Amphi Equipment

Excavators with amphibious capabilities are multi-purpose excavation machines capable of working in silt/marsh, wetland, shallow water, and deep water. They have comparative advantages over land excavators. Construction efficiency was greatly increased, and significant contributions were made to the construction industry for engineering builders because of its invention and production.

A number of our customers have praised our amphibious excavator for its flexibility and durability. Among its uses are river dredging, piling, slope improvement, environmental protection, canal deepening and enlargement, oil and gas pipeline installation, flood fighting, and emergency rescue. A wide range of construction applications can be made with it and it is highly economical.

Pontoon Undercarriage

Our amphibious pontoon undercarriage can adapt to various brands and models of upper excavators, ranging from 5 tons to 40 tons.

The pontoon undercarriage designed by RIVER can match almost all excavator brands, including Caterpillar/CAT, Komatsu, Hitachi, Sany, XCMG, LiuGong, Zoomlion, Hyundai, Doosan, Yuchai, and other well-known domestic and foreign brands. New or used excavators are all good to go.

You can also customize your solutions according to the actual requirement.

Amphibious Undercarriage
Long Reach Boom

Long Reach Boom

An extension boom/long reach arm is a group of excavator front-end working devices specially designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the working conditions to expand the working range of the excavator. The connection part must strictly conform to the original connection size of the excavator to facilitate the installation and use of the equipment.

River machinery specialized long reach front/boom/arms are good-designed and made by standard production procedure, which is fit for various brands of excavators such as CAT, SANY, XMCG, LiuGong, and Doosan.

We care about each process of the production, from stress analysis, material selection, technology process, design and manufacturing, the product’s structural strength, performance and quality are guaranteed.

Hydraulic Dredging Pump

The cutter suction hydraulic dredging pump is made of wear-resistant alloy, which has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, a large flow path, and a strong sewage discharge capability, it can be transported to a distance of 800 meters away when connected with the pipeline.

It can pass through large solid particles and combing an amphibious excavator with the cutter suction pump can increase the solid material transportation efficiency by three times, which is widely used in urban dredging, sewage treatment, and other river environment improvement projects.

Dredging Pump

Excavator Buckets

There are many different types of excavator buckets available, each designed to meet a specific application requirement. Making the right choice will ensure high productivity and performance for the lifetime of the product. Our team of attachment experts can assist you in selecting the right bucket for your excavator with over 20 years of experience.

Excavator Attachments

Excavators are powerful and indispensable machines in the world of construction, demolition, and earthmoving operations. To unlock their full potential and maximize their versatility, it’s essential to equip them with the right excavator attachments. Our comprehensive range of high-quality excavator attachments is designed to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and adapt your excavator to a wide array of tasks.