Application of Construction Projects

RS150-A pontoons are mainly adapted for 12-15ton excavators. At customer’s request, the pontoon undercarriage can be designed extendable in range of width from 2.8 meters to 4.4 meters. This novel design allows the excavator to flexibly work in narrower or wider environment, thus one single machine can meet a variety of working conditions. This will greatly reduce construction costs and also make its transportation more convenient on width-limited roads. It also saves Customers from the annoyance of disassembling and reassembling the machine from place to place.

Description Code Measurement
single pontoon size A 7000mm
single pontoon width B 1250mm
single pontoon height C 1600mm
overall width D 3600mm
counter weight ground clearance E 1710mm
pontoon landed length G 2800mm
overall weight 10.5T

Features of RIVER Amphibious Excavator



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