Application of Construction Projects

RS400-A is the biggest swamp buggy model RIVER has modified so far. It is for 40t grade excavators and is mainly tailored according to clients’ special requirements. The main pontoon is of 2 meters high.

With a pair of supplementary pontoons and RD400-A positioning pile spuds, the excavator can travel and operate in water of 6-8m deep. Long reach arms ranging from 15 to 20 meters are up to your choice. Same as RS300-A, RS400-A pontoons also wear 3 strands of track chains that effectively share the track shoe pressure and increase the life of the undecarriage.

Additionally, RIVER also provides OEM service for designing and manufacuring amphibious pontoons of your own brands or customizing the pontoon size according to your special requirements.

Description Code Measurement
single pontoon size A 10500mm
single pontoon width B 2000mm
single pontoon height C 18400mm

Features of RIVER Amphibious Excavator



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