Application of Construction Projects

Our RS300-A pontoon undercarriage is applicable for 30t class excavator. This grade of amphibious excavators often perform in heavy-duty construction projects under tough conditions, like tailing reformation, digging trenches for oil & gas pipe laying, water diversion and flood prevention, etc. We have typical 3-strand of track chains for this grade of pontoon, to have the extra strand of track chain in the middle to share the total weight as well as secure the track shoe cleats’ stability and straightness. As the ground pressure is lowered, the lifetime of track shoe cleats is elongated. RIVER also supplies customized long reach booms from 13-18 meters long for 30t grade amphibious excavators. The maximum working depth of the main pontoon is less than 2 meters in case of no additional pontoons.

amphibious excavator Parameter diagram 5-8
Model Unit River300
Operating weight Kg 40380
Boom and stick length  mm 15000
Bucket capacity  m³ 0.6
Engine model / Cat C7.1
Rated power/speed Kw/rpm 225/2000
Max torque/speed Nm/rpm /
Displacement L 7.01
Motor model Mottrol(Doosan) TM40
Output torque N.m(kgf.m) 4651
Continuous pressure MPa(kgf/cm2) 350
Driving speed km/h 4/2(max/min)
Swing speed r/min 11.5
Gradeability ° 《30°
Ground specific pressure kPa 25.6
Bucket digging force kN 159
Stick digging force kN 106
Fuel tank volume L 474
Hydraulic oil tank volume L 147
Engine oil capacity L 25
a) Overall machine length mm 14500
f) Overall machine width without side pontoons mm 4800
c) Overall machine height(to boom) mm 4150
d) Turntable width mm 3390
e) Single pontoon length mm 9000
g) Track shoe width mm 1350
m) Single pontoon height mm 1900
f) Pontoon overall width mm 4800
i) Track gauge mm 3200
h) Distance between sprocket and idler mm 8120
j) Counterweight ground clearance mm 2320
k) Min ground clearance mm 1400
l) Max turning radius of the tail mm 3130
L1) Max digging radius mm 16560
L2) Max digging height mm 16860
L3) Max digging depth mm 10750
L4) Max unloading height mm 14400
L7) Min turning radius mm 6750
  • The above specification is based on CAT330 excavator model with 15m long reach front, actual working range may vary from different excavator models.

Features of RIVER Amphibious Excavator