Application of Construction Projects

Compatible with excavators from 20t to 25t, our RS250-A is a very versatile amphibious model. It can both shoulder the responsibility of heavy-duty digging tasks and be diversied with various attachments like pile driver, quartering hammer, grab bucket, hydraulic shear, weeding bucket, and dredging pump, etc.

Working Principle of Dredging Pump

The cutter suction hydraulic dredging pump specially designed by RIVER enjoys more advantages compared to traditional water pumps: its maxmum discharging distance reaches up to 500 meters. The key parts of the pump are a centrifugal pump and a central agitator. The agitator better mixes the solid with the liquid by high speed rotation which also prevents the pump inlet from getting blocked by solid lumps. The two side cutters rotate and thus take in more materials to the central suction position. With a filtering unit and the centrifugal impeller, a high concentration of solid can be pumped and transported through pipelines to the shore or appointed barges. The favaroble working depth of our dredging pump is around 1 meter under water.

Specifications and Application of the Hydraulic Dredging Pump

RIVER’s cutter suction dredging pump is one of the most frequently used dredging equipment. It can help in riverway silt dredging, marinas and city inlet maintenance, beach nourishment, tailing pond reclamation, cleaning up sendimentation tanks of rolling mill, rebentonite recycling, removing scales from descaling pit, transporting sand and gravels at quarries, and hydraulic extraction in gold and diamond mines, etc.

Description Code Measurement
single pontoon size A 8500mm
single pontoon width B 1600mm
single pontoon height C 1900mm
overall width D 4800mm
counter weight ground clearance E 2100mm
pontoon landed length G 320mm
overall weight 17.9T

Features of RIVER Amphibious Excavator



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