Amphibious excavators can work in deep water. The machines are made with special parts that allow them to work in and near water. They can be equipped with large flotation side pontoon undercarriages with/without side positioning piles or spuds and waterproofed hydraulics and electrical systems. These allow them to float and move around in the water and perform tasks such as dredging, excavation, and demolition.

Depending on the model and features, Jiangsu River Heavy Industry is the answer for the lightweight technology that can make an amphibious excavator float in deep water with great stability, as inferred from the comments of our clients across the globe.


How do Side Pontoons and Hydraulic Spuds Stabilize Floating Excavator?

Side pontoons and hydraulic spuds are useful when a barge needs to be stabilized in a particular position, either for a short period of time or permanently. They can be used to anchor the barge in place, allowing it to be unloaded or loaded without moving. A spud system for the barge can be used to secure it to the seabed, which is particularly important in areas with a strong current or tidal flow.

A side pontoon can also be used to provide a counterweight to the barge, or to help distribute the load, preventing the barge from being flipped. Hydraulic spuds can also be used to adjust the barge’s position and keep it from drifting away from its desired location. Side pontoons and hydraulic spuds can be used in any situation where a floating excavator needs to be stabilized in a particular position.

What’s the deepest depth can the amphibious excavator work in?

An amphibious excavator is a type of pontoon boat equipped with spuds and specialized digging arms used for dredging and excavation. These floating excavators are capable of working in depths of up to 30 feet, depending on the size of the pontoon boat and the type of spuds used. The operator can adjust the spuds to vary the depth of the excavation, allowing them to work in deeper areas if needed. The deeper the pontoon boat is in the water, the greater the depth that the excavator can reach.


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