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22 12, 2020

Watch Out! 5 Fake Accessories Most Likely To Buy For Amphibious Excavators

2021-06-02T03:58:25+00:00Product News|

Inside the market “fake accessories” almost include any part of the Amphibious Excavator, here we come to share with friends several accessories the most common, but also the most“pit people”. 1. Fake oil-badly damaged [...]

3 12, 2020

How to make your used amphibious excavator sell tens of thousands more than others?

2020-12-03T09:59:38+00:00Product News|

In recent years, a large number of second-hand machinery has been idle, making the old machinery market extremely hot. Why? Because the second-hand machinery has an obvious price advantage. However, [...]

30 10, 2020

Introduce the pontoon undercarriage and hydraulic cutter suction pump of amphibious excavator

2021-01-13T05:40:51+00:00Product News|

Combining the pontoon undercarriage of the amphibious excavator with the cutter suction pump installed on the excavator creates a real super dredging equipment, which is more cost-effective than traditional excavators. [...]

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