We have collect some questions of newbie customers who first know amphibious excavators, and help them understand our amphibious excavator.

  1. What environment can amphibious excavators work?What is the operating depth range?

The common working environments of amphibious excavators are land, swamp, silt, shoal and deep water and so on. After install the side pontoon, it can be operated in deep water environment, and generally recommended the water depth is not to exceed 6 meters.

  1. Where is the commonlyused scene of amphibious excavators?

Amphibious excavator is often used in marsh, wetland and other water working environment. They are commonly used for dredging in water conservancy projects, environmental services in special environments, piling by the sea and reclamation by the sea.

  1. What is the difference between amphibious excavator and land excavator?(perspective of customer concern)

Amphibious excavator is more fuel-efficient than excavator, and the engineering environment of amphibious excavator is not particularly demanding for the performance of the upper part of the excavator. So, we need to make some Suggestions according to customers’ needs.

  1. Whenshould add side pontoon?

In general, the depth of submergence of the amphibious undercarriage is numerically limited.If the value is higher than this, a side pontoon should be added. But that’s not an absolute safer.The best advice is to always install side pontoon for safe.

  1. When should add Spud?

Under the deep water . If the water flow causes the amphibious excavator to be unable to work stably,spud should be added to stabilize the equipment.