We recently received consultation from a Philippines client who bought an amphibious excavator, after in-depth communication with the client we understand their engineering project requirements, then we put forward a complete set of suggestions to our client combining with our years engineering construction experience.

Philippine client need to dredge a 4-kilometer-long, 265-meter-wide channel and dig 4 meters down to the bottom of the channel, the initial water depth is 1 meter.

In combination with the requirements of the client in terms of time limit, budget and other demands, we provide the following customized solution:

In terms of equipment, we recommend the RIVER-200 amphibious excavator with side pontoons and positioning piles, in conjunction with our DP350-30B (20T) dredging pump (maximum delivery distance 400m) .

The maximum transportation distance of the desilting equipment is 400m, taking the dump as the center, all the work can be completed by only one equipment, which can maximize the efficiency. As shown in the image below:

According to the above preliminary plan, only 7 dumps are required within a 4-kilometer area. To maximize time efficiency, a total of 7 devices are required. As shown in the image below:

For the actual construction process our proposal is, the depth of the first amphibious excavation is 3 meters, and then the second excavation is 2 meters, to ensure the safety of equipment and avoid possible collapse! As shown in the image below:

Above is our proposal for customers, River Machinery is not only amphibious equipment manufacturers and sellers, but also engineering solutions expert. Welcome more peer consultation and discussion!