The total investment of Maozhou River water environment improvement project located in Shenzhen launched in 2018 was about US$680 million. The project includes altogher three EPC packages as river course dredging project, pipeline network engineering and waterscape project. The total length of river dredging and improvement would be 43.5km; the pipeline network will extend for about 266.1km; and the waterscape beautification area would be 231.3 hectare. RIVER would be responsible for dredging the Guangming section of the river course.

We would propose to adopt our amphibious excavators equipped with cutter suction dredging pump. The swarm buggy can travel freely in both shallow water area and on the ground, while the suction pump could pump out the sludge and mud from the river bottom and deliver them to appointed place.

Our proposal was agreed on and approved by the client immediately and the whole desilting project was progressing with very high efficiency, thus the application and advantage of amphibious excavators in river dredging is again very well proved.