1. Incorporating the pontoon undercarriage system and accessories of the cutter suction pump, which will come into being very amazed dredging function and enjoys higher efficiency comparing to traditianal excavators. It is able to reach the marsh, swamp and shallow water area to carry out dredging work.
  2. The pontoon udnercarriage system is also called the amphibious excavator undercarriage. Replacing the chassis of traditional excavator with our pontoon undercarriage system as well as installing the hydraulic cutter suction pump, we create a movable amphibious excavator , which can walk freely in river and shallow water area. It asks for lower operating cost, thus creates higher return on your project investment.
  3. Accessories of the hydraulic suction pump: this is a novel and unique design for the dredging market, as it can suck and pump out silt of higher concentration with the excavator’s current hydraulic power. River Machinery’s hydraulic suction pump can be easily installed onto the current bucket link and its work does not requires assistant hydraulic system of the excavator.
  4. Ideal Application: silt dredging in swamp, marsh, shallow water area, unreachable tailing thickening pond, mud pit, and heavy construction site, etc.