Details to be noted:

1. Timely maintain the amphibious excavator with authentic parts, so that the shelf life of the excavator can be guaranteed. More inspection, more maintenance, less repair, less replacement, preserving the original parts as far as possible, replacing the vulnerable parts timely, to avoid small failures cause major failures.

2. Keep the excavator clean inside and outside and wipe off the grease spilled when adding fuel oil and squeezed out when adding lubricating oil to avoid corrosion of the vehicle exterior paint to keep the original paint.

3. Experienced operators, good driving habits, as the saying goes not hurt car, maintain the original superior performance of the amphibious excavator, can extend the service life. In winter, hot the excavator first when in low temperature, start driving after oil temperature back to normal, don’t immediately turn off the excavator engine after worked for a long time under summer high temperature, especially with the turbocharger.

4. Choose more powerful amphibious excavator manufacturers, regularly maintain the vulnerable parts of the pontoons and chassis.


 The impact of three factors: brand, model and market:

1. Choose a professional manufacturer, a well known brand with R & D Patents and core technology, to ensure high-tech products.

Due to the quality gap between domestic power system and hydraulic system and imported brands, most of the important components of domestic machines are still using imported brands, and the amphibious excavator price of same products still depend on the number of imported parts. Imported amphibious excavators are favored by many people, which is why many second-hand customs machines enter the Chinese market.

3. Car Type Selection, large, medium and small market saturation is high, a large number of second-hand floating mini exccavators are no longer desirable, but the market potential of mini amphibious excavator is very large at the beginning of its development. Relatively speaking, the price of second-hand amphibious mini excavator is relatively high, and there are quite a number of second-hand excavators vendors importing customs vehicles, even three tonnage excavator produced before 2010 will sell for thirteen or forteen thousand RMB in China.

4, According to the current market demand, shantytown transformation, beautiful countryside, construction and maintenance, which are big amount of construction, after the mini excavator used for seven or eight years, the market micro-digger just entered the peak period, the second-hand mini excavators are on high value preservation period.

Use new machine as much as possible, only when the excavator create more use value, that’s meaningful to talk about value preservation. After all, the use value of floating mini excavators is far greater than the second-hand residual value. River Machinery, amphibious excavators for sale.