With the rapid development of construction machinery industry,  ordinary road machinery and equipment has been unable to meet the operation requirements of construction. At the same time, The world attaches great importance to ecological environment construction, the efforts to control environmental pollution are also being strengthened. And amphibious excavators play an important role in RIVER MACHINERY regulation and water environment treatment. Amphibious excavator plays an important role in the field of river course regulation and water environment control, the future market prospect of water digging is very good,  and it has strong competitiveness in the river regulation market.



On October 13,  Hyundai visited our company and held talks on the future market and cooperation development expectation of amphibious excavators.  Mr. Park, the leader of Hyundai, expressed his appreciation for the cooperation plan proposed by our company and reached a preliminary cooperation intention. As the leading of construction machinery, Hyundai has core technology of manufacturing excavator. And RIVER MACHINERY has been committed to the development and production of the water engineering equipment.  We are looking forward to cooperating with Hyundai, and have a win-win results in technology development and production.