Crushing Pliers

Hydraulic crushing pliers are composed of upper frame, upper jaw, casing and oil cylinder, and the upper jaw is composed of jaw teeth and blades. The external hydraulic system provides oil pressure for the hydraulic cylinder, so that the upper jaw and the fixed jaw of the hydraulic crushing pliers are opened and closed to achieve the effect of crushing objects.

At present, RICVER Heavy Industry has improved and developed 3 hydraulic pulverizers according to customer needs: upper ear type, upper ear rotation type, and flat connection type.

Features of Crushing Pliers produced by RIVER

① Carry out secondary crushing of concrete and separation of steel bar and concrete.

②Unique design of jaw tooth layout, double-layer wear protection, imported HARD OX 400 sheet.

③ The structure is designed with load optimization, taking into account the opening size and crushing force in a balanced manner.

Technical Data

MODLES RC-04 RC-06 RC-08 RC-10
WEIGHT (KG) 660 1350 1750 2750
MAX. OPENING (mm) 577 730 900 1015
LENGTH (mm) 1720 2000 2150 2374
HEIGTH (mm) 658 660 706 860
MAX. CRUSHING FORCE (T) 83 105 165 225
MAX. SHEAR FORCE (T) 126 165 210 305
BLADE LENGTH (mm) 120 150 180 200
DRIVE OIL PRESURE (kg/c㎡) 230 300 320 380
SUITABLE FOR EXCAVATORS (Ton) 6-12 12-18 18-26 26-30