R30 Offshore Amphibious Carrier

R30 Offshore Amphibious Carrier

R30 Offshore Amphibious Carrier is an advanced, innovative Offshore Hydraulic Lifting Platform produced by Jiangsu River Heavy Industry for offshore oil and gas operators. It features advanced marine-grade corrosion-resistant pontoons, hull, and superstructure, as well as a low fuel economy that minimizes environmental impact.

The R30 offshore amphibious carrier, also known as the Offshore Hydraulic Lifting Platform, is designed to operate in marshy, swampy areas, soft terrain, and even in open water. Among the components of the Amphibious Carrier are the undercarriage with four beams and two centers frame, and the upper structure with a cabin, engine, propeller, and platform.

The R30 offers a carrier for AMPHIBIOUS EXCAVATORS. With its efficient operations, it can be deployed for offshore oil and gas extraction, inspection, maintenance, and supply. Furthermore, it has a dynamic jacking system that allows for deeper waters and steady height control in challenging environments. It is designed with reinforced collision frames, bow thrusters, and ancillary marine components for better maneuverability and improved safety aboard the vessel.


The R30 offshore amphibious carrier is one of the products that has made our company christened as the revered one among our clients across the globe. This product has introduced a revolutionary product – an Offshore Hydraulic Lifting Platform with a hydrometer attachment.

This ground-breaking machinery is designed to manoeuvre in the water and perform a range of aquatic and terrestrial tasks. It’s set to revolutionize the way we explore waterways due to the input of advanced technology by our teams. The upgrade of this machine is a viable way to explore waterways.

Functions of the R30 offshore amphibious carrier:

  • Capable of manoeuvring in water

  • Employs advanced technology for soil texture analysis

  • Hydrometer attachment to record sedimentation analysis

  • Viable way to explore waterways

  • Create viable ways for oil and gas exploration

  • Enable renewable energy installations such as solar panels, wind turbines, and hybrids safely.