river365 amphibious excavator

River-365 Amphibious Excavator

The River-365 amphibious excavator is a newly designed long-arm excavator designed by RIVER. It is suitable for diverse environments such as silt, swamps, and shallow water. It is widely used in river dredging, flood control and rescue, slope remediation, photovoltaic piling, and other engineering projects.

The track shoe material of the River-365 amphibious excavator is made of HG785D high-strength steel, and a 3-row track chain design is added, which has better durability and wear resistance. The walking system adopts a four-wheel drive motor design, and with greater torque and more powerful output, it has a stronger ability to get out of trouble in complex environments.

This equipment has advantages that traditional crawler excavators cannot match, such as wider application range, longer excavation distance, and higher construction efficiency, and it can meet the construction requirements under complex working conditions. Its working device can be modified according to customer needs and can be matched with an extension arm of 15 to 30 meters for construction.

Product Parameters

Model Unit Value
Operating weight Kg 50000
Boom and stick length mm 24000
Bucket capacity 0.6
Working scope Unit Value
Max digging radius mm 24000
Max digging height mm 21300
Max digging depth mm 16500
Max unloading height mm 18500
Min turning radius mm 6750
Main performance Unit Value
Driving speed km/h 2.9
Swing speed r/min 9.5
Gradeability % 49
Ground specific pressure kPa 31.2
Bucket digging force kN 159
Stick digging force kN 106
Travel motor Unit Value
Motor model / TM60
Output torque N.m(kgf.m) 67914(6930)
Continuous pressure MPa(kgf/cm2) 34.3(350)
Engine Unit Value
Engine model / ISUZU 6HK1
Rated power/speed kW/rpm 212/2000
Max torque/speed N.m/rpm 1080/1500
Displacement L 7.79
Oil capacity Unit Value
Fuel tank volume L 620
Hydraulic oil tank volume L 380
Engine oil capacity L 36
Dimensions Unit Value
Overall machine length mm 22000
Overall machine width mm 5600
Overall machine height mm 4360
Track Gauge(fully retracted) mm 4600
Track Gauge(fully extended) mm 5600
Turntable width mm 3390
Single pontoon length mm 10000
Single pontoon width mm 1700
Single pontoon height mm 2000
Pontoon overall width mm 5600
Pontoon landed length mm 5660
Track gauge mm 3900
Distance between sprocket and idler mm 9030
Counterweight ground clearance mm 2100
Min ground clearance mm 1250
Max turning radius of the tail mm 3530


-The Drawing of 24m long-reach package working range

* The operating range is based on a 36.5-ton excavator upper structure and a RIVER-fabricated 24-meter long-reach package. The matchable long reach ranges from 15 to 30 meters, and the corresponding bucket value is from 1 to 0.4 m³. The dimensions are approximate. RIVER reserves the right to change dimensions without prior notification.