Over 20 years construction operation experience,mature construction team. Main projects involves dredging projects, lake development, reclamation of the sea, piling by the sea, and sinking of oil pipelines. We have deeply cooperation with water conservancy engineering companies such as Hebei Water and Land Bureau, Yangtze River Navigation Bureau, and China Shipping Bureau etc.Our business and partner cover more than 50 provinces and cities in China and harsh environmental areas.

Dredging projects

The dredging project, is an earth-rock work carried out by dredger or other machinery and manual underwater excavation to widen and deepen the water area. Amphibious excavator breaks the traditional low-efficiency, high-manpower and high-investment equipment, with changing the dredger to amphibious excavator that can freely walk in the sludge and adapted the cutter suction pump, mostly increased the efficiency of the dredging projects.

Lake development

Due to the development of tourism and aquaculture, ponds, lakes and other waters areas are being developed in a targeted manner in many countries. Amphibious excavators play an important role in these projects. Our  advantage of being able to walk freely on land and in waters, combined with the versatility of excavators, effectively improves the efficiency of construction in lake development projects and solves many problems in construction.

Reclamation land

In the construction of the reclamation of the sea, it is necessary to build a dike to block the water. Amphibious excavator can freely walk on the beach and shallow sea, which greatly solves many construction problems. We have years of experience and technology in many projects such as reclamation and land reclamation. So far, amphibious excavator have become one of the indispensable equipment in reclamation land projects.

Piling by the sea

Amphibious excavator and the corresponding pile driving tooling, can solve the engineering problem in the shallow water area of the sea and swamp environment.