When we talk about long reach arm Long Reach Boom, I believe that many are engaged in the mechanical industry friends are not unfamiliar. In municipal construction, subway traffic construction, sewer reconstruction, river dredging and other applications, a large number of construction machinery and equipment are needed, and the standard excavating machinery can not complete the special project operation, so at this time the long arm excavator uses the super-long moving arm and the super-long bucket rod to display the power, which can be widely used in river dredging, the bank protection, the slope surface as well as the subway construction and other working conditions limited under the ground environment.

Common types and uses of long reach boom

1.Two-section extension long reach boom

The scope of use is relatively large, but the main function of the two-section extension arm is also to enhance the excavation radius, in the cleaning of river channels, reclamation of land, excavation of subway entrances and exits, the construction of underground pedestrian tunnels, and the repair of highway retaining walls, the general residential delivery of cement and so on. Some people also use his front broken hammer action on the demolition of houses, but more dangerous. Generally the two-section type long reach arms within 10-26 meters are more likely to refit.


2.Three-sectionextensionlong reach arm

Or called multi-segment long arm, mainly used in the demolition of high-rise buildings, pre-breaking Hammer or hydraulic pliers, 20-28 meters are more common.


3.Slide arm or internal telescopic arm

Mainly for conditions which requires a small radius of rotation, but high depth of excavation, usually placing the shell excavation bucket (shell bucket) in the front . The maximum vertical excavation depth of the slide arm is 10 meters, and the vertical excavation depth of the inner telescopic arm is 26 meters.


4.Pile driver long reach arm

The big and small arms are straight, the front bent arm is about 2.6 meters (mainly for connecting with the vibrating hammer to facilitate the installation of valve blocks and pipelines) and the vibrating hammer is used for driving and pulling steel sheet piles when building roads, railways or burying pipelines.


5.Long arm of wood-catching machine, material-catching machine and coal-loading and unloading machine

Regularly designed for loading and unloading trains or cars, the long arm is typically 7.6 meters, the small arm is 5-6 meters, with a front grab wood, pliers or shell digging bucket. The premise of modifying the long and small arm of excavator must consider the power, the hydraulic pressure as well as counterweight balance etc several aspects.