Tips and precautions when driving an amphibious excavator

1. It is forbidden to operate in the water depth more than 1.6 meters, the swamp operation is not limited in depth. For water depth exceeding 1.6 meters, side pontoon must be added;

2. It is forbidden to walk and work under the condition of uneven heights and the difference between the points of force on the left and right floating pontoon;

3. The amphibious excavator uses low speed gear when walking, and fast gear is prohibited;

4. When starting the travelling mode, step on the accelerator half way;

5. Do not crush hard objects while traveling;

6. Avoid travelling on hard road for a long time;

7. When turning, you can use the power of the bucket to lift the front end of the floating pontoon, adjust at a good angle, and then walk around to avoid the derailment of the track chain and chain plate.