Jiangsu River Heavy Industry considers what clients want regarding amphibious excavators. However, we humbly offer a free-of-charge service to our customers on the best brand to choose, which solely depends on the kind of projects to be executed at a particular time. All in all, clients’ choices are well respected to establish long-term relationships.

Brands of Jiangsu River Heavy Industry

The best brand for an amphibious excavator is Jiangsu River Heavy Industry which has been attested to by our clients worldwide. We offer a wide range of Amphibious excavators that are designed and built specifically for all kinds of projects, as elucidated below:

  1. Wetland projects: Amphibious machines can be used for wetland projects which are essential for conservation because they help protect coastal areas from flooding and erosion and provide critical habitats for many different kinds of wildlife.
  2. Construction: Amphibious excavators are commonly used in construction projects that involve water. They can be used for dredging, digging out and cleaning out ponds, excavating riverbanks, and constructing marinas, wharves, and other waterfront structures.
  3. Marine: Amphibious excavators are also used in marine construction projects such as building bridges, docks, piers, and seawalls. They can also be used to install underwater pipelines and remove seafloor debris.
  4. Environmental: Amphibious excavators are often used for environmental purposes, such as cleaning up oil spills, restoring wetlands, and removing debris from rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water.
  5. Mining: Amphibious excavators are used in mining operations to excavate and remove mineral deposits from the ground. They can also be used to construct and maintain mining roads and access points.
  6. Emergency Services: Amphibious excavators are sometimes used in emergency services operations, such as for flood control, rescuing people in flooded areas, and recovering submerged objects.

Note: The machines in our company are designed to provide superior performance, reliability, and versatility in the conditions of the most challenging wetlands. We also have an experienced team of engineers and technicians that can provide support and maintenance services to keep your machine running smoothly.

  1. Which brand do you recommend for an amphibious excavator

Out of the available brands’ upper structures for River Amphibious Excavators, Caterpillar, DOOSAN, SDLG, HYUNDAI, XCMG, YUCHAI, SANY, and LIUGONG are the most recommended brands of different models.

The machines of our company are highly reliable and feature advanced technology, making them excellent choices for any job or project. They are also designed to be able to operate in both land and water environments and are equipped with a wide range of attachments, making them versatile and capable of tackling demanding tasks.

River Amphibious excavators are also backed by an excellent warranty and customer service, giving users peace of mind that their investment is protected.

Additionally, River Heavy Industry’s products remain competitively priced compared to other brands. For these reasons, our brands are the clear choice for an amphibious excavator.

  1. Can we modify the used excavator to be an amphibious excavator?

Of course, it is possible to modify a used excavator to become an amphibious excavator. The process involves attaching a hull to the base of the excavator so that it can float on water. The excavator’s tracks and hydraulics must also be adjusted or modified to make it suitable for water use. Finally, additional components, such as propellers, may need to be added to help the excavator navigate in water. A used excavator can be transformed into an amphibious excavator with suitable modifications.