1. Long Reach Boom
It can be used for river bottom desilting, lifting materials, maintenance of large inclined plane, and so on. It is usually used together with cleaning bucket, inclined bucket and grab.

long reach boom 2

2. Dredging Bucket
Dredging bucket is also called mud bucket, no bucket teeth, a larger width. It is mainly used to excavate wet material. It is very suitable for flat trimming of large capacity slopes, dredging of rivers and ditches.

3. Tilting Bucket
The tilting bucket is an upgraded version of the cleaning bucket. The appearance of the tilting bucket is very similar to the cleaning bucket. However, the difference is the tilting bucket can control the tilting angle of the rotating bucket through the cylinder action to adapt to different working conditions,the maximum angle of the tilting bucket can be 45 degrees. It can work without changing the position of the excavator, so it can reduce mechanical wear and fuel consumption, It can easily complete the precise operation that ordinary bucket can not, thus improving work efficiency.

4. Shell Bucket
Shell bucket is mainly used for river dredging, construction pit dredging, wharf loading and unloading of bulk materials, generally with the use of ultra-long arm or extended arm to increase the scope of operation.

5. Grid Bucket
Grid bucket is similar to standard bucket in design. But the bottom is a grid, which can be used to separate loose materials, excavation and separation can be achieved at once, or used to scoop up the stones in the water, etc, which are are widely used in municipal, agricultural, forestry, water and mining and other conditions.

6. Amphibious Excavator
Amphibious excavator is a kind of multi-purpose excavator which is suitable for the land, the marsh soft ground and the shallow water working environment. It is widely used in wetlands, rivers, lakes, etc. It is commonly used with super long arms and various appendages. It is widely used in various hydraulic engineering projects, such as river dredging, reclaiming land from the sea, sea piling, Lake Development, etc.

7. Dredging PUMP
Hydraulic Cutter Suction pump, as an auxiliary device, can be used with amphibious excavators, mostly used in river dredging and dredging projects. This advanced dredging system is unique to the market. While using the hydraulic power of existing excavators, it can change the process of pumping high-density solids. River mechanical and hydraulic suction pump can be easily fixed to your existing bucket connecting Rod, and don’t need to use the excavator auxiliary hydraulic system, so that the efficiency of dredging works doubled.