It is really a headache when the amphibious excavator Amphibious Undercarriage has some faults. Have you ever met the situation that the amphibious excavator loses its reach boom?Why did your amphibious excavator lose reach boom?How to solve the reach boom failure?


First: Why did the amphibious excavator boom falling

amphibious excavator drop reach boom also has the person to call it lift reach boom, fall from oneself, drop pump and so on.To put it simply, reach boom dropping is actually a manifestation of the weakness of the motor reach boom. When the motor reach boom is lifted, the upper or lower reach boom will automatically fall without the control of the lever.

When an amphibious excavator falls off its reach boom, there will also be different manifestations. The failure phenomenon can be roughly divided into big reach boom falls off, lower reach boom falls off, middle reach boom falls off,cold amphibious excavator normal but hot amphibious excavator fall reach boom, and so on.


Second: 7 common reasons about amphibious excavator boom falling

  1. The arm drop caused by hydraulic oil failure, the arm drop of the normal hot amphibious excavatorin cold amphibious excavator, it is very likely that there is a problem with the hydraulic oil.
  2. The hydraulic cylinder of the amphibious excavatoris malfunctioning, especially if the cylinder oil seal is damaged or aging, causing the arm to fall due to internal leakage of the oil seal. To
  3. The valve hole of the distribution valve is blocked, the valve core is worn, the valve core gap is too large, and the main safety valve of the distribution valve is worn and damaged, causing the large and small arms to fall.
  4. When the oil seals of the safety relief valve of the large and small arms are damaged, a certain amount of leakage will be caused, resulting in the phenomenon of arm dropping.
  5. The arm drop caused by poor sealing of the distribution pump is also called “oil unloading”, this time will need to distribute the pump sealing ring replacement
  6. Poor contact of the hydraulic pump proportional solenoid valve connector will also cause the large and small arms to fall off.
  7. Severe arm drop (the oil temperature is about 45℃, the bucket teeth drop more than 95mm in 5 minutes), the most likely cause is the jam of the main valve.


Third: How should we do if amphibious excavator boom falling?

  1. Check the working environment temperature of the amphibious excavator, whether there is improper selection of hydraulic oil model, and whether inferior hydraulic oil is used.
  2. In the event of a boom failure, lower the boom pressure first and carefully observe whether the boom drops quickly.
  3. Check whether the hydraulic oil cylinder and the oil seal of the oil cylinder are faulty. If the oil seal is not well sealed, the oil will leak. Replace the oil seal in time.
  4. After replacing the oil seal, if you return the arm, check the distribution valve and the boom oil return safety valve.
  5. Check whether the working pressure and pilot pressure of the main hydraulic pump of the amphibious excavatormeet the requirements.