RIVER Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. focuses on one-stop service for Amphibious excavators. Independent research and development, maunfacturing of amphibious pontoon undercarriage,
Modification of amphibious excavators, sales of amphibious excavators, manufacture of cutter suction pumps, etc. Business in more than 50 cities across the country,and overseas countries in Poland, Russia, Africa, Indonesia and other regions.

1. High-strength steel
High-strength steel raw materials that are 2 times higher than their counterparts. The floating pontoon of the amphibious excavator uses high strength plate Q345B, and the chain plate uses the high-strength Q785 steel plate, chain and wear-resistant strip are made of 40Cr high-lightness wear-resistant material, and the durability of the amphibious excavator is increased by 50%.

2. High precision equipment
Imported high-precision equipment, all standardized processing for cutting, bending; continuous improvement, quality guaranteed.

3. Welding experience
Workers with more than 10 years of welding experience;
Our welding workers will go through selection and testing, and arrange different types of jobs according to the actual level of worker. usually workers will also be skill-matched and graded to ensure the continuous improvement of welding levels.

4. Sand blasting process
The sandblasting process strongly removes rust, strengthens the paint adhesion, and the antirust ability is increased by 50%.
In the process of strong sand blasting, the oxide layer on the surface of the steel can be removed to prevent the coating from peeling off after the paint;
After the sandblasting process, bumps and unevennesses are formed on the surface of the steel, which can enhance the adhesion of the paint.

5. Marine ship paint used
Special paint for voyage ships, two-layer primer, two-layer paint, high retention rate for floating pontoon of amphibious excavator.
If it is just a simple floating pontonn, it is easy to pierce if it is oxidized layer by layer in the sea water. And if the appearance is well preserved, it is still considerable as a second-hand sale price after 2-3 years.

6. Integration track shoe and chain
Break through the traditional process track shoe and chain screw fastened, a new generation of technology, welding integration, more stable use and reduce maintenance

Modification of amphibious excavator, your preferable choice RIVER Machinery!