Hubei River Machinery Co., Ltd. has been focused on one-stop service of amphibious excavators, encompassing construction enforcement, machinery leasing, sales and manufacturing which covers more than 50 cities around China as well as countries like Poland, Russia, Nigeria, Philippine and Indonesia, etc.

RIVER amphibious excavators’ advantages

1. Adopting high-strength steel whose strength is double of domestic competitors.

The pontoon is made of Q345B grade steel, and the track plate uses Q785 grade steel which is similar to the material for lifting crane. The wear-resistant strip between the track chain and the surface of pontoon is made of 40Cr anti-abrasive material. All of this improves the amphibious undercarriage excavator’s anti-wear ability by 50%.

2. High-accuracy

Most of the machining is carried out by high-accuracy machine tool of famous brands imported from Europe, Korea, etc. Complete standardized production from steel plate shearing, press bending till high-accuracy cutting—ensuring it’s quality and stability by always pursuing perfection.

cutting and bending

3. Rich experience in welding

We have welding workers with over 10 years’ welding experience, and their detail-oriented welding attitude ensures high quality welding seam. All the welding workers must go through step-to-step testing and selection, thus their working responsibility is different depending on each worker’s welding skill. Skill competition and grade examination are regularly held to ensure continuous progress of their welding skills.


4. Special paint for ocean ships

We use the same special paint for ocean ships to paint our pontoon with two priming paint and two-time finishing which ensures long-time value of our pontoon. Normal painting process would only allow the pontoon to be easily oxidated and thus exposed to corrosion with holes and leaking. The long-lasing good appearance could allow the excavator to be resold at a good price even after 2-3 years’ operation.



5. Sandblasting for the Pontoons

Our sandblasting process removes the rust to create better paint adhesion, so our amphibious excavators’ anti-rust ability is improved by 50%. During the sandblasting process, the oxide layer on the steel surface is well removed and possible peeling of paint is thus avoided. And the sandblasted steel surface starts to have pot-holes thus the paint could be better attached.

spray painting

6. Integrated design for track shoes and track chain of amphibious excavator

abandoning traditional fixation type of track shoes and track chain with screws, our new-generation design integrates the track shoes and track chain together by welding, which enjoys more stable operation and less maintenance.

protucts-Amphibious Undercarriage