Amphibious Excavator maintenance:

*Chain tightness of Amphibious Excavator: Ensure the tightness of the chain before driving, with 3-5 sections suspended on the track at the end of the guide wheel, too tight will easily break the chain, and too loose will easily cause the chain to derail.

Amphibious Excavator Chain

*If the chain of the amphibious excavator is too loose, loosen the two screws on the bearing seat and adjust the top wire outwards; if the chain is too tight, adjust the top wire outwards to a proper position.


*Before driving, ensure that all 12 screws of the 6 bearing seats are tightened, and ensure that the grease is applied once every 10 days or 80 hours. 

Butter the top wire on the amphibious excavator once a week

Amphibious Excavator Maintenance Guide

* Try not to press stones during driving the amphibious excavator. If the chain plate of the pontoon undercarriage is seriously bent and deformed, it needs to be replaced to ensure that the walking track is normal. When replacing the chain rail plate, it is necessary to remove the pin first, then remove the pin shaft, and then take out the middle sleeve and roller to replace the chain plate.

Amphibious Excavator Maintenance Guide

*When the chain is worn to a certain extent, replace the three-piece set as shown in the figure for the first time, and replace the entire chain of the amphibious excavator for the second time.

*If you do not use the amphibious excavator for a long time, you need to smear some waste oil on the three-piece set to prevent the three-piece set from rusting and locking.