RIVER Machinery has a “Maintenance Manual of amphbious excavator“, and hope it can help you and your clients.

1. Ensure the tightness of the chain (3-5 pcs hanging above the track) at the driving wheel before travelling. If too tight, it will easily cause the chain to break and too loose will be easily derailed.
2. Before driving, ensure that all 12 screws of the 6 bearing seats are tightened, and ensure that the lubricant is applied every 10 days (or 80 hours);
3. Apply lubricant once a week;
4. If the serious bending deformation of the chain rail plate found, it needs to be removed and replaced to ensure the normal walking path of the chain;
5. The chain is worn to a certain degree and needs to be replaced in time. The first maintenance is to replace the three-piece set, and the second to replace the entire chains;