1. Don’t use fast gear. The amphibious excavator should use slow gear while walking

2. The first foot needs to press the accelerator half before the excavator can start running;

3. It is forbidden to operate in the depth of more than 1.6 meters (without adding side pontoon), and the sludge operation is not limited to the depth;

4. It is forbidden to walk under the condition of uneven height and great difference between the exertion points of the pontoons on the left and right sides. When entering the water area, use the bucket to measure the non walking area to ensure the consistency of the left and right depth and avoid the rollover caused by different depth;

5. Do not press hard objects when walking;

6. Avoid walking on hard road for a long time;

7. When turning, the front end of the floating body can be lifted with the help of the force of the bucket. Turning angle with good Angle before walking, can avoid the chain, chain plate derailment;

8. If it is found that the chain don’t walk smoothly, it is necessary to use the bucket to support the side chain pontoon and make a few turns in the air, and then, ensure the swamp excavator can smooth operation.