Upon receiving Philippine Client’s inquiry for two sets of RIVER amphibious excavators, we carried out detailed communication with the client and got to know their project requirements, and gave our opinions accordingly based on years of engineering experience as follows:

Project Introduction: to do dredging in river course of 4km long and 265m wide with initial water surface height as 1m and to take out the bottom mud and sand for further 4m deep.

Our elementary plan based on client’s delivery and investment requirements:
1.To adopt 2 sets of RIVER-200 amphibious excavators
2.To equip side pontoons and spuds
3.To use DP350-30B(20T, max. conveying distance 400m) cutter suction dredging pump

As the max. conveying distance of the dredging pump is 400m, only one set of amphibious excavator is required for each sludge yard which ensures efficiency maximization, see below picture:

Based on above arrangement, there will be altogether 7 sludge yards to cover the 4km area, so altogether 7 sets of amphibious excavators will be needed, see below picture:

Our advice towards site construction enforcement: first step to dredge out the mud and sand for about 3m deep under the water surface, and second step to dredge for further 2m deep, so as to avoid possible collapse, see below picture:

Above is all our analysis and opinions for the client’s project.
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