1. Hydraulic Engineering
Through unremitting efforts, River machinery R&D personnel developed and extendable amphibious excavators, deep-water integrated function pontoon, they perform well in the hydraulic engineering, such as flood, emergency, disaster relief and other operations, which saved valuable time for the rescue. Amphibious excavators and swamp buggies can meet all the construction conditions and provide a comprehensive guarantee for the progress of the project when carrying out port, hydraulic engineering and tidal reclamation projects.

2. River dredging
Land and water construction forms are very different, some of the traditional excavator can not work, as the accuracy of dredging construction is more and more demanding, the depth of excavation also greatly exceeds the needs of port and waterway transport, some improvements in dredging equipment have also been made. Amphibious excavator is designed to adapt to this harsh environment, The construction depth can reach 2 meters in shallow water and about 5 meters in deep water. At the same time, the amphibious excavator can also be equipped with long arm, cutter suction pump and other excavator attachments for dredging operations, operating efficiency is very surprising.

3. Fish pond renovation
River machinery custom-made amphibious excavator floating pontoon is a multi-purpose excavator suitable for road, swamp soft ground and shallow water working environment. It plays an important role in the renovation of fish ponds in many well-developed villages and farms, because fish ponds need to clear the sediment at least every two years to ensure good water quality. Generally, the time for farmers to clean up the silt is mainly around the spring festival, and the time between the completion of cleaning the bottom of the pond after the sale of aquatic products and the introduction of new fish fry in the coming year is shorter. Amphibious excavators are surprisingly efficient at cleaning up fish ponds, just enough to meet the needs of farmers.

4. landscaping
Amphibious excavators are increasingly used in landscaping projects along river courses and coastlines. Because traditional excavators are easily slide and sink into the soft soil and are fixed, project progress is slow or delayed. The amphibious excavator can easily adapt to this kind of working environment, efficiently carry on the landscape construction and the protection, carry on the dredging in the difficult marsh, the silt and so on, maintain the natural environment, strengthen the landscape restoration.

5. Construction of embankments
With weather changes and often unpredictable floods, amphibious excavators are often used to build flood-resistant coastlines, and levees along river channels make it easy for excavators to operate.

6. Lake development
Due to the development of tourism and aquaculture, many areas with relatively poor resources will develop water areas such as ponds and lakes, and our amphibious excavators will play an important role in the project. The advantages of walking freely in land and water environment, combined with the versatility of excavators, have effectively improved the efficiency of construction in lake development projects and solved many construction problems.

7. Reclaiming land from the sea
In the construction of reclaiming land from the sea, we need to build an embankment to cut off the sea water. Our amphibious excavators can walk freely on the beach and shallow sea. The construction team has accumulated abundant experience and technology in many projects such as reclaiming land from the sea. At present, swamp excavators have become one of the indispensable equipment in reclaiming land.

8. River and lake piling
The pile driving equipment combined with the amphibious excavator can solve the engineering problems in the shallow water area and the marsh environment.