The use of an excavator is necessary when lifting heavy amounts of soil on a job site. The excavators are primarily used for earth-moving tasks due to their buckets, arms, rotating cabs, and movable tracks. The components of these machines provide superior digging power and mobility. As a result, heavy equipment such as this can dig trenches and break holes, lift waste, and excavate mines. However, a breaking or crushing hammer is required for easy excavating with excavator buckets.

An Excavator Breaker is a beating hammer fitted to an excavator for demolishing concrete or rock structures. It is powered by an auxiliary hydraulic system on the excavator and controlled by a foot-operated valve.

Features of Breaking Hammer/Crushing Hammer

  1. Breaking Hammer/Crushing Hammeris a construction tool used to break concrete surfaces and rocks into smaller pieces.
  2. Breaking Hammer/Crushing Hammerfeatures a handle and a headpiece with a pointed or flat end. The pointed end breaks concrete or rock, while the flat end can flatten surfaces.
  3. Breaking Hammer/Crushing Hammeris made of strong, durable materials such as steel, iron, or titanium and is designed for repeated use.
  4. Breaking Hammer/Crushing Hammeris available in various sizes and weights, depending on the job site.
  5. Breaking Hammeris designed to have a low recoil, meaning the hammer will return to its original position after each strike, making it easier and safer to use.
  6. Crushing Hammeris also designed to be shock-absorbent, reducing vibrations and minimizing user fatigue.
  7. Breaking Hammeris designed with an angled hammerhead, allowing for easy penetration into concrete and rock surfaces.
  8. Breaking Hammer/Hing Hammeris also designed with a textured handle, providing a secure grip and reducing hand

Applications of Excavator Breaking Hammer

  1. Excavator Breakinghammers are commonly used in the demolition of buildings, roadways, and other structures. They are also used to break up concrete and asphalt surfaces. The hammer is mounted on the arm of an excavator and powered by the machine’s hydraulic system.
  2. Excavator Breakinghammers are ideal for breaking up large concrete or asphalt slabs. The hammers are designed to deliver powerful blows at high speeds, making them ideal for breaking through tough surfaces quickly and efficiently.
  3. Excavator Breakinghammers can also be used to break up rocks and boulders. The hammers can penetrate deep into the rock, breaking it up into smaller pieces. This makes them an ideal tool for mining operations and other large construction projects.
  4. Excavator Breakinghammers can also be used to break up frozen soil and ice. The hammers are designed to break up frozen soil and ice without damaging the underlying surface. This makes them an invaluable tool for winter road maintenance and construction projects.
  5. Excavator Breakinghammers also break up hard-packed soil and clay. The hammers are designed to penetrate deep into the soil, loosening.