I would like to introduce to you a customized version of the amphibious excavator jointly developed by RIVER and XCMG excavator – XE220SL. As we all know, the center frame of the amphibious excavator is longer and wider than the traditional excavator chassis. In order to obtain suitable excavation depth and height, the working device of the amphibious excavator generally needs to be lengthened, otherwise the construction scope of the equipment will be limited, so the extension arm of this model is refitted before leaving the factory, the largest excavation of the machine is more than 12 meters, which can better exert the performance of the equipment.

In addition, an 850L auxiliary fuel tank is added between the tail and the counterweight of this excavator. The main and auxiliary fuel tanks add up to a total of about 1200L. At the same time, anti-theft locks are installed on the filling ports of the fuel tank, which is a reasonable ratio designed by 3D modeling. , so that the balance of the front and rear vehicles will be better. When the amphibious excavator is working in the field, the entry and exit routes are not particularly convenient in most cases, and it is not very convenient to refuel, so the larger fuel tank capacity can reduce the frequency of equipment refueling.

On both sides of the amphibious excavator body, anti-skid pedals are installed for easy walking. When the amphibious excavator is digging in the mud, the entire crawler tracks is covered with silt. It is very inconvenient for the construction personnel to walk around the body, and it is easy to slip and fall when stepping directly on the crawler shoe. After adding a circle of pedals, it is very convenient for construction workers to perform routine inspections or take things.

The added shield can effectively protect the travel motor and oil pipe, and all the screws on the chassis of our amphibious excavators are made of Dacromet, each screw has passed the 1000-hour salt spray test, with stronger corrosion and rust resistance.