In recent years, a large number of second-hand machinery has been idle, making the old machinery market extremely hot. Why? Because the second-hand machinery has an obvious price advantage.
However, the trading in second-hand amphibious excavator is very complex, and those who don’t know the business are liable to lose. So how can you make your old amphibious excavator sell for a good price?

1. Be sure to choose a good time
“Golden Nine and Silver Ten” is the golden sales period in the machinery market. The second-hand amphibious excavator market also has a golden sales period.Anyone with a connection to construction machinery knows that second-hand amphibious excavator sales are at their peak between November to May of the following year, that people in the industry often say that they can be sold if they are in stock.
Most of them know this, but they may not be able to grasp it well. Especially before the Spring Festival, many users want to sell the equipment because of the shortage of funds for the New Year, but the price before the Spring Festival is not as high as the price after the Spring Festival, the average price is at least 5% higher; especially do not sell excavators during the period from mid-May to November. The price of excavators during this period belongs to the time period when the price is the lowest in the whole year; unless it is really a special shortage Funds, otherwise don’t make trouble with money.

2.Second, the time to buy a excavator is very important
This is a small detail, and many sellers may not care about it, but the editor wants to tell you that you must pay attention to the time of the test drive; many sellers like to let customers see the excavator in the morning. In fact, this point is not a good idea. More than 80% of excavator buyers will not buy it.
The users who watch the excavator between 2:00-3:30 in the afternoon have the greatest chance of making a deal. This part of users does not have too long to test the excavator. When there is no major problem with the excavator as a whole, ordinary customers consider payment and logistics; and this time period can reflect the performance of the amphibious excavator.

3.Familiar with the market price of models
As the saying goes: “know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat”. The same is true for buying and selling. If you want to sell second-hand equipment at a high price, you must first understand the price of the same model in the market. The price of the same model is may different by different years.
It is common to modify the year in the used of amphibious excavator market, but the number of hours of use can also reflect the performance of the machine. The 20-ton excavator engine needs to be overhauled after 8000-10000 hours, so a lot of buyers find out the engine need overhauled when they get home.
There is another way to let you know the price of your second-hand waterway excavator more quickly, that is to find a few excavator agents to say that your amphibious excavator should be replaced, so that the appraisers from several companies will give you a price after evaluating it, but the price quoted to you is often lower than the price inquired.

4.Fourth, the test location is very important
Many sellers will not consider this, because they feel that buyers can watch the excavator at will! In fact, you can judge the user’s mood to sell the excavator from the place where the excavator is sold; for example, if the excavator is sold in a major repair shop, then the excavator must have a big problem, and the buyer’s vigilance is particularly high.
If there is no excavator working in the parking lot, it will feel that you are short of money; and the price will be lower; different locations give buyers different feelings, so,the best place to sell an amphibious excavator is on a construction site. Even if the amphibious excavator is on the construction site without work, the price can go up and buyers will want to buy it more; That’s why so many excavators was put on construction sites.

5. The appearance of the excavator is the beginning of a successful sale
By apparel on one saddle horse. The same is true for used excavators. One piece of leather is sold. A good appearance can give buyers a good impression. Two second-hand amphibious excavators of the same quality, one is rusty and the other is light. Buyers are definitely more interested in the latter.

6. The procedures are complete, so buyers can rest assured
This can greatly increase the price of your used amphibious excavator. Now many people buy second-hand amphibious excavators without any formalities (certificates and invoices). Even if many of them are fraudulent, especially the current certificate. Normally, the seller should have an invoice and a certificate, and all of them are true; If you only have the certificate, it’s mostly fake.So it’s very important to have all the paperwork in place; This is the best selling point to increase your amphibious excavator, and also make the buyer more assured!