In recent years, a large number of construction machinery in idle has made the second-hand market extremely hot. The reason lies in the obvious price advantage of the second-hand machine.
However, it is never easy to make a definite wise deal in sales of a second-hand amphibious excavator, especially if you are not a swamp buggy expert. So how can you sell your machine at a good price?

1.We must select a good time to sell
The so called Golden September & Silver October means the best sales period for all the new machinery, while the second-hand amphibious excavator market also has its hot period, thus every November to May of the next year. All insiders of this industry would comment it a time when you never worry about selling up all your machine!


2.Time to check the excavator is also important
This is a small detail, many sellers may not care about it, but trust me, it sometimes decides whether you can make the deal in time. Many sellers like to invite theirs customers to meet in the morning, but actually the data shows 80% of the clients visiting in the morning would not buy. While clients coming between 14:00-15:30 are the most likely to place the order. They do not have much time to do machine testing or trial driving, and normally they tend to settle the deal and make the down payment before evening, as long as there is no big problem or defect with the excavator. Meanwhile the performance of the amphibious excavator can mostly be reflected within this time span of the day.


3.Get familiar with the market price of the same model
As the old saying goes: know yourself and the enemy, and you will never be defeated in a hundred battles. If we hope to sell your machine at a good price, we must firstly know the price of the same model in the market. And prices of the same model manufactured in different years are also different.
It is very common of the seller to artificially change the actual production year of the machine, but the total operation hours can also reflect the performance condition. For example, a 20 ton amphibious excavator normally needs to have its engine overhauled after 8000-10000 hours’ work, so no wonder many buyers would ask why the engine needs major maintenance in such short time after the machine has been bought.
There is another way to better know your machine’s market price level, that is, pretend to have your excavator to be replaced with new machine, then more than one excavator agents will estimate how much your excavator is worth. However, the price quoted to you is normally lower than the price you can really sell.


4.The testing site is very important
A lot of sellers will not pay much attention to this, as they tend to think anywhere is fine as long as the potential buy is willing to come to check. In fact, from the sales location of the machine people can see a lot of things. For example, if you sell a car in a repair plant, the excavator probably has big problem with the car, from which the buyer should feel alarmed.

If the swamp buggy is parking in the parking lot and looks have not worked for a long time, it gives the information that the seller is in need of money now. The buyer may lower your price very hard. Different sites give totally different impression to the clients, so the best selling place is the construction site, even there is no work going on at all. The price could be negotiated at a higher level. This is also the reason why many excavator agents put there machine at the construction site.


5.The appearance of the swamp buggy is the beginning of a successful business deal
As the old saying goes: clothes make the man! Second-hand excavators are the same-good appearance would give the buyers a good starting impression. Suppose there are two swamp buggies of very similar quality and composition, one is all in a rust, while the other is clean and shiny, buyers must be more interested in the latter one.


6.Complete trading procedures will let the buyers feel more assured
This can greatly increase the price of your second-hand amphibious excavator! Nowadays many second-hand sellers do not have the Certificate of Conformity and the sales invoice, and even some they hold the faked ones! In fact, as long as there is the sales invoice, the Certificate of Conformity must be available, and both of them must be true. So when the seller can only show you the Certificate of Conformity, that must not be faked. So keep your documents complete to make the buyers feel more assured, so you can have your machine sold at a better price!