Combining the pontoon undercarriage of the amphibious excavator with the cutter suction pump installed on the excavator creates a real super dredging equipment, which is more cost-effective than traditional excavators. The amphibious excavator is very suitable for difficult-to-reach swamps, silt and shallow water dredging projects. The pontoon chassis system is also called the amphibious excavator undercarriage.

Using the pontoon undercarriage from factory which can suitable for excavator, and then continue to add a hydraulic cutter suction pump attachment system to create a removable cutter suction amphibious excavator. This powerful equipment combination can walk freely in water such as river and shoal to achieve dredging work with lower operating costs, and bring more investment for your project.

Excavator hydraulic cutter suction pump accessories. This state-of-the-art dredging system is unique in the market. While using the hydraulic power of the existing excavator, it can change the process of pumping high-concentration solids. RIVER Machinery’s hydraulic cutter suction pump can be easily fixed to your bucket linkage without the need for the auxiliary hydraulic system of the excavator.

Ideal use: swamp or river dredging, mine tailing ponds, mud ponds, heavy construction sites, etc. that are difficult to reach.