The type of chain structure used in our factory is roller chain, which is a simple, reliable and efficient power transmission device. Roller chain is the key component to improve the mechanical performance, so it is widely used.

The structure of roller chain is shown in the figure:

It is composed of:

1、outer chain wing plate

2、inner chain plate

3、middle sleeve



6、pin shaft

Among them, the inner chain plate are respectively transitional fitted with the middle sleeve, the outer chain wing plate and the pin shaft; the roller are clearance fit with the middle sleeve, the outer chain wing plate and the pin shaft. When the inner and outer chain plates are relatively flexed, the sleeve can rotate freely around the pin shaft.

The roller is looped over the sleeve,so the roller rolls along the contour of the chain plate can reduce the wear of chain plate when working.

The main wear of the pontoon chain of various amphibious excavators occurs on the contact surface of the three-piece suit of pin shaft and the sleeve. So,in order to reduce friction and increase service life, there should be a little gap between the inner and outer chain plates to allow the lubricant penetrate the friction surfaces to lubricate them. Please add lubricating oil regularly to protect your excavator.

Chain Usage Tips

①Generally, the chain drive has a tension device. When the chain is extended and the pulsating percussion of the transmission cannot work normally, the tension device can adjust the chain in time and make the chain run normally again.

②If the wear of the chain does not exceed the limit, you can remove a set of chain and adjust it to a suitable tightness. However, in practice,other problems may occur, like not removing one set of chain is too long, but removing will be too short.It can be modified to remove half of the chain links during repair.

③ Before using RIVER MACHINERY amphibious excavator, it is necessary to carefully check whether the chain tension is consistent. If the chain is too loose or too tight, it is easy to cause accelerated wear of chain plate, chain and three-piece suit. Be sure to maintain proper tension.

④ Please clean the sludge and sand of the chain in time after use, which can not only check the equipment for problems, but also extend the service life of the chain.