Because the chassis of amphibious excavators is much larger than that of conventional excavators, in order to ensure that its effective working range is not limited, the boom and arms of the excavator are generally modified and lengthened, and excavators that operate extended arms often appear. Some problems, let’s explain the common problems of the extension arm of the excavator.

  1. Because the extended arm amphibious excavator is longer, heavier and has greater inertia than the standard arm, it should belighter in operation than the standard arm. The operation process should be smooth, and the action should not be too fast or too violent, and it should not be emergency braking. .
  2. The bucket capacity is applied according to the factory standard equipment. Do not replace the large-capacity bucket at will.
  3. The key inspection items before operation should meet the following requirements: lighting, signal and alarm devices are fully functional; fuel oil, lubricating oil, and hydraulic oil comply with regulations; each hinged part is connected reliably; hydraulic system has no leakage.
  4. Whenworking, the amphibious excavator should try to stick to the horizontal orientation. When the walking mechanism is braked, it should wait for the body to stabilize before digging. When the bucket does not leave the working surface, it is not allowed to reverse or walk. When reverse braking, the reverse brake should be used, and the steering clutch should not be used for reverse braking.
  5. The lifting and lowering of the extension arm should not be too violent, and when it is lowered, it should not bump the frame or crawler.
  6. When the elasticity of the hydraulic cylinder will reach the limit position during the operation, the movement should be stable and should not interfere with the limit block.

We produce long boom kits for various excavator models according to the exact needs and application areas of our customers. In situations where the standard boom cannot do the necessary work, the extended boom provides deeper and greater digging distance for increased productivity.

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