Many clients who have newly rent the amphibious excavator do not have any experience in operating it. RIVER Machinery hereby brings up some notes for your attention:

1. The amphibious excavator must not work when the water is deeper than 1.6m (regardless of the the silt depth), unless it is equipped with side pontoons;
2.The amphibious excavator must not walk on rough road where the central gravity point of the left and right pontoons have big height difference;
3.When walking the swamp buggy should shift to “slow” mode and must not shift to “quick” mode.
4.When walking mode is switched on, the operator should press the accelerator a bit before start walking;
5.The swamp buggy should not walk over sharp and hard objects;
6.Long time walking on hard road should be avoided;
7.When making a turn, excavator operator could make use of the bucket’s uplifting force to slightly raise the pontoon’s front part, and turn to required turning angle before starts walking, so as to avoid the track chain and track shoes to get scattered.

Swamp Buggy Wear & Tear Parts Replacement
The track chain’s wear and tear parts should be replaced after a period of operation time. For the first time replacement, the pin shaft, bushing and the roller need to be replaced; for the second time, the complete track chain should be replaced.