The amphibious excavator is a multi-purpose excavator suitable for land, shallow water and deep water operating environments. The traveling device adopts catamaran-type floating structure crawler frame and sealed box-shaped crawler shoes to ensure safe cruising on the water.

Shallow water and silt construction work

Our amphibious excavators are equipped with main pontoons for construction in silt, swamp and shallow water environments. Standard configuration of 2 travel motors, strong and powerful walking and climbing capacity. At the same time, 4 travel motors and other pontoon structures can be added according to your specific construction environment and requirements. (picture)

Deep water construction work

In the face of more complex construction environment, such as deep water construction, side pontoons and hydraulic spud piles can be installed. The newly upgraded device system for working in deep water environment, the installed side pontoon ensures the stability of deep water construction, and the spud pile also greatly improves the safety in this environment.

Install different accessories

The amphibious excavator is equipped with different attachments, which can increase the diversity of its equipment construction. Installing different working devices according to the following working conditions can greatly improve the efficiency of its operation and bring you greater returns.

1、Extended boom – effectively increase the working range and depth

River dredging, dredging of silt, cleaning of fish ponds, etc.

2、Cutter suction pump – transport the sludge to the designated location through the cutter suction device

River dredging – long distance transportation

3、Piling hammer

Photovoltaic power generation piling, small river piling

4、Lawn Mower, Grill Bucket

Clear the river of weeds, gourds, etc.