1. Long-reach boom For application of water bottom dredging, and large slope area digging, etc, we will normally elongate the excavator’s boom and stick so as to increase its excavating radius. And it is usually working with cleaning bucket, tilt bucket or grapple.2. General duty dredging bucket/Dirt bucket

    The general duty dredging bucket is also called dirt bucket which has no teeth and the bucket width are bigger, as it is usually used for digging wet materials. It is well required by application like large slope area finishing, and dredging work in river course and ditches.

3. Tilt bucket

The tilt bucket could be seen as an update for cleaning bucket. It has similar appearance as cleaning buckets, except for that its excavating angle could change with a maximum 45 degree tilting angle which is realized by the extra oil cylinder’s control. Then tilt buckets could be adopted in different working conditions, and it helps decrease the wear and tear as well as the fuel consumption without moving the excavating position.

4. Clamshell bucket
The clamshell bucket is mostly used for sand dredging in river course, sludge moving in deep construction pit, or bulk goods loading/unloading at the dock, etc. Normally it is working in conjunction with super-long reach boom to better adapt to big working radius.

5. Screening bucket

The design of screening buckets are similar to general duty buckets, except that its bottom part is in grid pattern which could help screen out loosen materials so as to finish excavating and screening at one time, or help digging out the gravels from the water. It is widely used in infrastructure projects, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy and mines.

6. Amphibious excavator/Swarmp buggy

The amphibious excavator is a double-function excavator which can both work on grounds and in wetland or marsh, low water area. It could be equipped with long-reach boom as well as other types of accessories to work under many water conservancy projects like river course dredging, reclaiming land from the sea, piling by the sea, lake area development, etc.

7. Cutter suction dredging pump

As one accessory of amphibious excavator, the hydraulic cutter suction pump could be used for river dredging and cleaning projects. Making use of the swarmp buggy’s hydraulic power, the hydraulic pump could change high concentration materials’ pumping and conveying process. RIVER MACHINERY’s hydraulic pump could be easily equipped to your excavator’s bucket link, and it does not require usage of your excavator’s auxiliary hydraulic system, but could help enhance your dredging and cleaning efficiency by a lot!