• High strength steel

The raw material of high strength steel is 2 times higher than that of peers. The Manganese plate Q345B is used for amphibious excavator, high-strength q785 steel plate is used for chain plate, and 40Cr high and light wear-resistant material is used for chain and wearing strip. So the durability of amphibious excavator increases 50%.

  • High precision equipment

Imported large tonnage high-precision equipment, Reducing plate, bending to high precision cutting are all standardized production .We are always committed to the best quality products

  • Rich welding experience

Our workers with more than 10 years of welding experience.And they work very seriously. .so the welding is very strong, firm and tight.

Our welding master will go through layer by layer selection and testing, and arrange different types of work according to the actual level of the master. At ordinary times, skills competition and grade examination will be carried out to ensure the continuous improvement of welding workers’ skill level.

  • Sandblasting process

The sand blasting technology can effectively remove rust, strengthen the adhesion of paint, and the rust prevention ability of amphibious excavators is increased by 50%.

In the process of strong rust removal by sand blasting, the oxide layer on the steel surface can be removed to prevent the whole piece of paint from falling off. After sandblasting, the uneven surface of steel surface is formed, which can enhance the adhesion of paint.

  • Marine ship paint

Marine ship special paint, two-layer of primer, two-layer of paint, amphibious excavator pontoon has high value preservation rate.

If it’s just a simple spray painting, the floating pontoon is easily perforated in the sea water with layers of oxidation. At the same time, the appearance is well preserved, and the second-hand sales price is still considerable after 2-3 years.

  • Integrated panel chain

Break through the traditional technology.Now make the panel, chain and screw more tight.The application of welding integration technology makes our machine use more stable and reduces maintenance