Before using the amphibious excavator, it is necessary to check the tightness of the chain. Generally, about 3 sections are suspended in the air as the standard (as shown in the figure). If the chain is too loose, it will cause the chain to derail during driving, and if it is too tight, the chain may break.

When the amphibious excavator is used for a long time, the chain will be stretched and lengthened, and the tightness of the chain needs to be adjusted, then we can adjust the transition section, because the length of the transition-section is only half of the length of a whole chain (as shown in the figure), which can effectively solve the dilemma when the length of the chain cannot meet the adjustment of the tightness.

At this time, it is necessary to check whether the transition section is installed on the tracks of the amphibious excavator. When the transition section has been installed on the pontoon undercarriage, take it down and tighten the chain, and then adjust the top wire to complete the adjustment of the tightness of the pontoon undercarriage; when there is no transition section on the pontoon undercarriage, replace a whole chain with a transition section, and adjust the tension of the top wire to complete the adjustment of the chain.