Inside the market “fake accessoriesalmost include any part of the Amphibious Excavator, here we come to share with friends several accessories the most common, but also the most“pit people.

1. Fake oil-badly damaged engine

The lubricating system of an engine is very similar to the blood circulation system of the human body. The Body Needs Healthy Blood, and so does the engine. The working quality and life of an engine depend on the quality of engine oil to a great extent.

2. Air Filter

First, the outside of the Pure Steel mesh spacing uniform, and brush with white anti-rust paint. And counterfeit goods are often just ordinary wire mesh, and steel plate holes sparse, sometimes broken holes.

Second, the inside of the pure wire mesh joint, the welding surface is very uniform, and most of the counterfeit products using spot welding, overlapping wire mesh longer, one side upturned. The fake air filter only imitates the geometric size and appearance of the real one, but can not meet the engineering standard requirement of the filter at all, and the filtering effect is greatly reduced.

Third, the color of the genuine filter paper is milky white, the paper quality is exquisite, the top and bottom lines are orderly arranged, without distortion; the fake filter paper is sulfur color or other colors, the paper quality is rough, the top and bottom lines are restricted by the assembly conditions, the filter paper extrusion, line bending. Poor filter paper ash capacity is too high, will make more impurities into the engine system, resulting in the engine overhaul ahead of time.

Fourth, the pure air filter inside and outside the bottom of the filter have manufacturers factory number, but the counterfeit is not.

3. Fake antifreeze — a frosted or corroded engine

Antifreeze coolant in addition to the needs to have the characteristics of antifreeze, but also with the general anti-boiling, anti-corrosion and anti-scaling characteristics. The fake anti-freezing coolant is usually made of low boiling point alcohol. Although this kind of fake product has the function of anti-freezing, the boiling point is very low and easy to cause the water tank to open. There are industrial salt and brine blending antifreeze, the engine cooling system corrosion is very large.

4. False Dipper teeth will increase the driver’s labor intensity

First, the pure dipper teeth casting has signs and product numbers, no signs or signs of rough are counterfeit;

Second, the lateral wall of the pure dipper tooth is thicker, the seat groove and the tooth follow closely, the fake wall is thinner, the seat groove and the tooth follow do not match;

Third, the pure dipper teeth weight of 6KG (220-5 for example) , the general counterfeit of about 4KG. False bucket teeth strength is insufficient, not wear-resistant, easy to break. The casting error of the meshing part with the tooth root is easy to cause the installation difficulty or the bucket teeth fall off when digging because of the excessive clearance.

5. Oil Lock — the most trouble prone part

After so many years of development, at present the quality of domestic oil seal is also good, but it is still not generally accepted by the fitting market, the mainstream oil seal NOK is the most in the engineering machinery fitting market, therefore, the fake NOK oil seal is also full of parts market.

There is a lot of residual rubber on the frame of false oil seal, this is because the mold size error, the real frame is very smooth, there is no residual rubber.

Counterfeit products flooded the entire c market, so that ordinary users can not be prevented. To do not be deceived, in fact, the most fundamental need we do not covet small cheap, and master some of the basic knowledge of accessories is also a must.

Wed better to buy formal accessories, this is not for the value of the accessories themselves, but related to the entire amphibious excavator life and operational efficiency. For your own interests, we must sharpen our eyes, identify fake accessories, and choose real products!

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