During and after crushing, screening buckets are utilized for the initial selection, screening, and separating natural materials. Topsoil, demolition and construction waste, turf, roots, and compost can all be separated using screening buckets.
By utilizing Jiangsu River Heavy Industry Screening Buckets, crushing times can be reduced by up to 60%, allowing for better salvage of materials.

Our Screening Buckets do not only work with amphibious excavators as attachments, but also with skid, and backhoe loaders.

Our bucket screeners are available in two sizes, for carriers between 18 to 38 tons. High-resistant steel construction ensures a long lifetime in harsh working environments.

Hydraulic power is transmitted to the basket via a timing belt that doesn’t require tensioning. This reliable transmission solution delivers optimum torque and reduces maintenance time.

The large diameter of the main roller bearing enables us to fit a much longer basket, compared to other screening buckets on the market. The more extensive screening area significantly increases performance and ensures high-quality output.

Our Screening bucket is uniquely designed and shaped to enable the material to be shaken effectively to speed up the screening process. The material then passes through hexagonal openings in the mesh and becomes high-quality aggregates produced from rocks, crushed concrete, and recycled material, straight on the job site. Depending on needs and requirements, customers can choose from baskets with six different mesh size openings: 20-30-40-50-60, and 80 mm.

1. Screening Hopper: A screening hopper is a machine that sorts and separates materials into different sizes. It has a bucket-like structure and separates various materials, such as rocks, gravel, soil, and other materials.
2. Soil Screening Bucket: A soil screening bucket is a machine that separates soil from other materials. It is typically used to clean and remove debris from construction sites and agricultural fields.

3. Screening Machine: A screening machine is a device used to screen materials into different sizes. It is often used in mining and other industrial applications, such as sorting ore and other materials into different grades.
4. Screening Crusher: A screening crusher is a machine that crushes more prominent pieces of material into smaller ones. It is typically used for crushing and screening materials such as rocks, gravel, and other materials.